I Got a Job in Kansas City

I am out of college now and after a pretty long search I have found a fairly good job. It is not the job that I would have dreamt and wished for, but it is pretty good when you compare it to working in the kitchen of the pizza place I had been cooking in. At the moment I am trying to find the apartments for rent in Shawnee KS for my situation. Of course I am not really in a position to spend a great sum of money on it and the big problem is that I do not have anyone I know who would make a good roommate. All of my friends are back in Manhatten KS right now and that is not going to do me any good. Of course the more people who can split the rent up on a place the better off you are going to be. At college for the past two years I lived in this big old house with four other guys, although there were different guys coming and going occasionally.

That was really cheap, about half or less of what I will have to pay to get a single bedroom apartment here. Obviously I am looking for something which is going to be close to where I am going to work, but I also want to be able to exercise as much as I need to, so I am hoping to find a place near a good park. You are not really going to be able to find good pick up games every place, but I have been playing basketball on the high amateur level for some time and I am hoping to find that sort of game on a weekly basis. It is not going to be very easy from what I can tell.