Water Features to Attract New Customers

The attention span of the average person is less than that of a goldfish, according to a survey completed by Microsoft. Eight seconds is the longest a person can concentrate on a task without getting distracted. This makes attracting new customers difficult for physical businesses. If there is a ten to fifteen-minute wait for a table at a nice restaurant, for example, people will get impatient. A checkout line at the grocery store with more than two carts will annoy customers.

Impulse Items

One way to keep people entertained while waiting in line is to offer tabloid magazines with more pictures than content, small gadgets, and a wide array of candy and gum. Not only do these items keep customers from becoming anxiety-ridden, they also encourage people to spend more money before leaving. That is why they are referred to as impulse items. They are the dreams of marketers, and they work.

Changing Visuals

When customers are seeking a new place to shop, see a movie, have dinner, or hang out with friends, they do not want to be bored. The right water feature will capture attention and get them to turn into the parking lot. That is step one.

Once they have gotten out of the car and the display on the feature has changed, they become fascinated. Owners are now one step away from getting new customers. If there is a wait for a table or the movie starts in thirty-minutes, the changing visuals will spark interest and keep that group of friends, a family, or the couple around long enough to be seated or be admitted to the movie or restaurant. Success in three easy steps.

Water Feature Options

The options available for a water feature are plenty and will accommodate any space and business budget. To dazzle people from the street, a large and high display with underwater lighting and automatic nozzles to program the visuals to change every seven seconds is ideal if there is room. If not, a decorative fountain, a Koi pond, or a fire fountain will still grab attention. In addition to selecting among items on the website, custom water features are offered as well. Business owners will want to read more to discover the possibilities.