We Are Taking Back Our Town

I have seen movies about gangs, and I have even heard that some major cities have a bad problem with them. I am about 30 miles outside of Milwaukee, and this is just something that I never dreamed would be a problem here. At a neighborhood group meeting, there was a rep from a company that installs ADT in Milwaukee. That is a security system for homes, for those who are not aware of that, but I think in today’s times, we all know by now. He gave us some pretty scary stats that were backed up by the police officials who were there.

He was not there to sell systems. He was there to educate us on why we need one. Gang activity has been increasing, and it is not longer limited to just major cities. Even small towns have been infiltrated, which is something that still boggles my mind. He did say that the crimes they commit are mostly targeted toward businesses and rival gang members, but that we should always be alert. One thing that having a security system does is alert people who want to cause any kind of harm that the proper authorities will be notified if they should breach a house that has a security system.

Between the ADT rep and the police officers with their stats, I walked out of that meeting knowing I was going to get a security system. They are affordable, and I figured that the safety of myself and my family is well worth the cost. I had one installed the next week, and it seemed quite a few other people did too, from what I heard at the next meeting. I thought that I would be more afraid with those stats, but I have found that we are taking back our town as a group. There is such a feeling of power in that!